With panelists in Thailand and profiled on hundreds of attributes, YesPanels provides high-integrity Thai panels for all your online research needs. Acquire consumer insight and purchasing trends from consumer panel members who reside in Thailand. YesPanels maintains diverse online panels that provide you the ultimate research solution. We are your source for Thailand representative sample. YesPanels has earned the privilege of being one of Employment Financial Household Interests and more.. Thailand's leading online Thai panel providers by continually striving for the highest standards of panel integrity. Our panelists are highly profiled, undergo a rigorous panel recruiting process and are well compensated for their efforts.

Panel integrity

YesPanels is devoted to the highest standards of online panel quality. As a result, our panels provide researchers with industry-leading response rates, thoughtful responses and authentic insights. We provide:

  • Extensive panel management to control respondent fatigue and to eliminate bad panelists
  • Rigorous panelist recruiting process with double-opt in screening
  • Excellent incentives to motivate panelists
  • Strict privacy and security practices
  • Profiling

    Our Thai consumer panel members are profiled on over 100 attributes to put you in touch with the opinions of your target consumer, no matter how exacting your specifications may be.

    To find out how YesPanels works and help your market research, call us on +6626348899, Email: onlinepanel@sundae.co.th or visit at www.yespanels.com